We are changing the World through people

My name is Ivan Zorzetto and I am Managing Director for OSM services in Europe and the Middle East.

If you need support related to Human Resources, you are at the right time and at the right place.

Our focus points:

Talent discovery. Internal training. People management. Communication improvement. Sales increase. Overall Business growth through Personal development. 

We deliver results. We are not just another service provider. Ready to walk the road together?

How OSM helps Companies

The concept of Open Source Management is synonymous to “Available Access”. We have been operating in the management consulting business sector for more than 25 years by identifying winning & strategic actions and making them available to companies in an effective and practical way.

How I help Companies grow

I know how to make big improvements in order to reach your Company business goals. The transformation always starts from the inside out, through people.

Leadership Course

Leadership is the ability to fire the enthusiasm of your collaborators. It is that extra ingredient that charges those around you and allows them to improve their professional performance. Leadership is a skill that can be learned.

Sales Course

 Those who do not know the art of selling, lose 80% of the opportunities to close a deal. The human and the relationship skills of the salesman count more than the product itself. Our sales course will bring the best added value to your team.


I- Profile Analysis

A tool developed by HR specialists for evaluation and improvement of the personal and the professional performance. On the market for over 20 years now, created exclusively by OSM and used by companies all over the world.


One to One Training

This training will put the CEO or the manager of the company in a one to one training with Fabian Scolz for two consecutive days. Time to identify, evaluate and improve the performance through theory and practice.

Public Speaking

A speaker’s success depends 50% on the personality and 50% on the technical aspects of the data delivery. The Public speaking course will gain you confidence and teach you how to establish effective intervention with the audience.

My Biography

I come from Jesolo, near Venice in Italy. I still live there. I am married, with two kids, a boy and a girl. I like to ride my motorcycle, to travel with my family and to play my violin.

I started in the tourism business as a receptionist and as a sales person in AMC. In 2003 I decided to change my life and not to be told anymore what to do.

I joined Open Source Management (OSM) in January 2004 and I finally found my place. I have changed several roles within the company and as of today I am a consultant, trainer, Commercial director for the Triveneto and Lombardia area in Italy and a Managing director for OSM services in Europe and the Middle East.

I love to meet new people, I love to do trainings and to interact with the audience. I love to ignite the emotional spark in their eyes (and in my eyes) while performing on stage and to witness the success of people in their business.

I can describe my life in only one phrase – I love my Job! ♥ and it is the only one that I can imagine myself doing in the world!


My First TEDx Talk

On 25th of January 2020 I stepped on the red circle of TEDxVitosha in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was my first speech in front of audience of 500 people, something that has been my dream for years.

I was not alone. On the stage with me was my 25-year old friend, my violin from the Conservatorio di Musica and in the audience was my son, Federico.

I was telling a personal story that very few people knew and at the end I played on the violin (not having played on it since 20 years).

My emotions were so deep, the adrenaline so high, the audience so warm and the whole experience – unforgettable.

The organization, the expectation, the challenge and the satisfaction after are something unbelievable I would go again and again for it.

Enjoy the video and never give up your dreams!


I want to change the World through the People

I am helping businesses grow, giving them a valid support in the innovation process and corporate re-organization in order to be competitive on the market and to improve their value for the customer. I have solid experience in the field, professional knowledge about sales and innovative strategies, management and development of HR within avant-garde analysis systems and this makes me confident to serve you and your business.

My job always leads me to new places that involve also spirit. We have to remember it always that we also need to feed our bodies and spirit.

I have seen, in just one day, in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, an Orthodox church, a Mosque and thermal waters spring that comes from more than 450 meters deep at temperature of 35/40 degrees. We have to appreciate life and its gifts every day everywhere!

How to contact me

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