Do you know them as human beings, not only as working force? Do you know WHY they act in a certain way? How often do you analyze them through independent tools?

We all know that money is not the real incentive. People want to be appreciated, understood and developed. People would be grateful to have a helping hand in their difficulties. To be motivated and inspired by a true leader. Through appreciation they would love to contribute more and more for the greater good of the company.

So, how often do you show them they are really important and you appreciate their efforts?

Do you have 2 minutes to discover your most powerful instrument from now on?

This is the I-Profile test, a tool developed by HR specialists for evaluation and improvement of the personal and the professional performance. It has been on the market over 20 years now, created exclusively by the Open Source Management group (OSM).

I-Profile test

The chart shows very clearly the 10 characteristics subject of the I-Profile test and the different percentages indicate the strengths and the areas of improvement. The test is extremely useful to understand people’s behaviour and to really help them grow, to encourage their inner change and self-confidence. With the process being facilitated by OSM consultants the impact on employees is fast and effective and they start to apply a much more self-aware attitude at work which leads to greater results.

Sense of organization, Self-motivation, Stress, Self-discipline, Assertiveness, Aptitude for sales, Leadership, Proactivity, Tolerance, Expansiveness. If you can have all that information for all of your employees and master it to the next level … we guess this is a huge potential and added value. This is what I-Profile test actually gives you.

Implementing the I-Profile into your business strategy

The tool provides a lot of insights to understand and even predict a person’s behaviour. Don’t you think it is useful to have it on your side?

Here are the areas the I-Profile can add value to your organization:

  • In the Recruitment process – by finding the right person for the right position within the company, thus saving resources in terms of money, time and efforts to hire and train the wrong people
  • During the regular internal evaluation of the employees – by identifying the strengths and encouraging the employee to unfold his full potential as well as by making a personalized coaching plan by an OSM consultant for improving the weaknesses of the tested employee
  • In the overall HR development strategy within the company – by matching the organizational gaps within a company with the right people, thus increasing their inner confidence and overall company performance and commitment
  • Sometimes the test would also help you face situations that require firing people for the good of the tribe

The test is individual and can be ordered for a single person or for the whole team. And it gives you the market edge. Are you ready for the challenge?

If you want to check the pulse of your people and have a detailed analysis of their potential and open the doors for company growth, just send me an email at i.zorzetto@osmanagement.it so we can arrange an appointment.