In Open Source Management (OSM) we consider that 20% of the staff is causing 80% of the problems and these are the so called bad employees.

Secondly, comes a group of employees, about 60% of the people in a company, the so called average performers. They are usually effective through exerting regular control and motivation sessions on them.

And the final 20% get into the best segment, the top talented employees, who actually produce 80% of the results in the company. These people should be praised and regularly given the opportunity to grow, without any blame on them in order to avoid demotivation and their passing into the average employees’ category.

Okay, having established the human resources within the company, the main questions that bother every manager are: “What is the right course of action if after all my efforts to understand, to motivate and to inspire a bad employee, he/she still cannot (or doesn’t want to) follow the corporate mission and goals? What is the tolerance period to keep him/her in the company, obviously without any intent to improve and in the same time influencing the others with his/her bad, demotivating behavior?” 

The OSM team would recommend you only 2-month period of tolerance. Every action should be time-framed and this period is absolutely enough a new habit to be created by an individual. If the manager sees no understanding of the problem by the employee and his/her behavior is not improving, better sacrifice that employee for the company’s own good. Two months, no more. Set it as a rule and everyone would be aware in advance of the term and his/her obligations. Even if that employee yields the greatest revenue, do not let the company structure be shaken from the inside.

You need only people helping you and your company marching, dedicated, committed and living your values and dreams like their own.

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