In OSM we don’t hire people. We attract them. We constantly speak out loud our values and we prove with work our approach.

I met Penka in Italy, we had several trainings together at Mind Business School (MBS) in Bologna and I was happy when she told me that she wants to move to Bulgaria and become an OSM consultant.

This article is to present her and her story and to wish her success and many many happy customers!

Penka’s Story
“Twenty five years ago, when I decided to work WITH people I started doing it actually FOR the people. I was not aware that it would steal my sleep and rest, the time for my son and my personal time too. I was often fighting with myself trying to find out my mistakes, to analyze and hopefully to reach my Why… I didn’t realize that the puzzle was more a knot and I needed knowledge to untie it. I wasn’t happy despite the acknowledgement of my customers. I needed superpowers to uplift and motivate my team of 50 people, yet the results were far from the target.

I passed through the distortion between words and deeds, debates in corridors, disappointments, burnout, until reaching the conclusion that there is a light but I am kind of into the wrong tunnel?!

So I stopped, I turned around and I asked myself do I still care about myself? And then I decided to GIVE to the others. I just didn’t know how …

Five years ago I met my mentors from Intunity coaches – Plamen and Geri, as well as the whole coaching society. I was intoxicated – these people accepted the world like I did, they also considered Laozi a sacred man of wisdom and we found happiness in the journey itself and not in the destination. I started breathing deeper because I found the answers of the questions torturing me before.

Then, on a nice autumn day, four years ago, I heard an interview on the radio about an event in Sofia with speaker Paolo Ruggeri. I listened to his voice. It was so emotional and charging. He was speaking about the Leader who respects his collaborators, about values and everything that was so close to me and still is. I thought that he had a reading minds power, I felt understood and excited. I called my sister in Germany and told her all about him. She was so happy to listen to my excited tone of voice that she encouraged me to contact that company.

A long road was ahead of me…

One and half year ago I moved to Italy with my partner in life. I shared my dream and mission with him and got no support. We separated.

I encountered by chance OSM Value and Maria Mastrolembo. That kind and very confident girl gave me strength that I am sometimes missing out. I found out that in Milano there would be an “OSM Open day”. Then, Maria just told me: “Go and you will see if that is your company”.

Six months later, and I am still studying. Someone would say that it is a long time. Well, this is just the beginning of my tunnel of light. Someone would call it “love in times of war”. Yes, true. And I call it “the true love”. I am authentic and that is important for my customers and their firm belief in our mutual projects.

I am satisfied when I talk to entrepreneurs even with those not yet ready to do the next step. I know I will be beside them to share the energy they’ve missed. And you, are you ready to do it together?”

Penka Ungurova, OSM consultant for the Bulgarian market

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