Portfolio of services

I-Profile Analysis

Developed exclusively by Open Source Management and its founding partner Paolo Ruggeri, the I-Profile Analysis test was piloted for four years, by conducting over 150 000 analyses of managers, business partners, sales people and other personnel, before launching into the general market.

Sales Course

Those who do not know the art of selling, lose 80% of the opportunities to close a deal. The human and the relationship skills of the salesman count more than the product itself. Our sales course will bring the best added value to your team.

Leadership Course

Leadership is the ability to fire the enthusiasm of your collaborators, it is that extra ingredient that charges those around you and allows them to improve their professional performance. Leadership is a skill that can be learned.

One to One Training

This training will put the CEO or the manager of the company in a one to one training with Fabian Scolz for two consecutive days. Time to identify, evaluate and improve the performance through theory and practice.

Public Speaking Course

A speaker’s success depends 50% on the personality and 50% on the technical aspects of the data delivery. The Public speaking course will gain you confidence and teach you how to establish effective intervention with the audience.